Hey friends!

I figured I would do an “about me” type of situation to add some extra ~spice~ to my blog. Maybe because I’m bored, maybe because my birthday is next week & I’m having another midlife crisis, maybe because I lead such an exciting life. IDK. I’ll let you decide… Anywho, here’s 10 fun facts about the mysterious cbarb5.

  1. For lunch today I had a peanut butter & Cheetos sandwich. Like the Cheetos were in the sandwich. So if you think mac n cheese is my fav meal, think again. #healthyAF

    (I figured this would be a nice start to the list so you would kinda see where this was going)

  2. When people ask me why I moved to Atlanta I jokingly say, “Waffle House!” It’s honestly not a joke though… WaHo is my religion.

  3. I hate socks. I hate wearing them. I hate seeing them. I hate everything about them. For example, I used to walk to class in college in the middle of winter wearing slip on Vans with no socks. That’s how strongly I feel.

  4. 99% of the time I am wearing sunglasses it’s to hold my hair back. Headbands are (probably?) not acceptable, but wearing sunglasses on top of your head is. Life hack, you’re welcome.

  5. I am left-handed. This fact is always a fun conversation starter. It makes me feel like I’m a magical unicorn & I love meeting other magical lefty unicorns. So if you’re a lefty, be my friend.

  6. I drive a Harley-Davidson motorcycle & like to think I’m a badass. The whole fam has a motorcycle, except me. When I moved, the bike my brother & I shared was gifted to him for his birthday. It’s a sore subject. I’m probably going to go crazy not having one to drive all summer. If anyone in Atlanta would like to lend me theirs that’d be cool.

  7. My TV is permanently turned to Bravo. I literally watch every damn show & have a new episode to watch every night. Even Kent knows all of the housewife’s names because of me. Sorry dad.

  8. When my cat, Blake, turned one year old I threw her the most purrrr-fect birthday party…& may have gotten a tad drunk. True story. Scroll way down to view the blog post on it. It’s a gem.

  9. I went through an “emo faze” in high school. Pictures available upon request.

  10. I’m a photographer! (Incase you forgot why you’re here)

If you made it through all that, bless your heart. I hope you enjoyed my super fun facts, there will be a quiz. I’ll probably never write this much on a post again. But I will be posting more blogs in the future. So stay tuned!!

Until then…here’s my face! …& more importantly, my shoes.


E+D // Silverthorne, CO

Welp, this was supposed to be posted on January 1st to start out the new year & I already messed that up. So let’s just pretend I have my shit together. New year, same Connor.

Anywho, I shot a glorious wedding in freezing cold Colorado with the dopest people & views. Enjoy!


Iowa Grads

Congrats to the University of Iowa Class of 2018! 

Been meaning to get this up the last few days, but of course my computer is crashing. Shoutout Kimmi for letting me use hers. My brain has turned to mush from so many shoots in such a short period of time. Now look at the pretty pictures. The end. 


Iowa vs. Boston College - Pinstripe Bowl

When I thought bowl game, New York City wasn't even close to being on my mind. & when I heard that's where the Hawkeyes were headed, I was a bit apprehensive to go. It's f*cking cold (sorry Stacy).

But I was wrong. Christmas in New York City was magical af & definitely worth leaving home in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Eve (sorry again, Stacy). Nothing can beat Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, SoHo, Yankee Stadium, Central Park, the list is endless...& so was the walking. 

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity this season to shoot for Iowa Football & alongside some pretty amazing creatives. S/o @maxpallen & @chrisruthiowa. Thanks for everything!




Slowly earning my "Crazy Cat Lady" badge.

A year ago baby Blake was adopted at the Iowa City Animal Shelter. She quickly nestled her way into my heart, along with my wallet (she's boujee AF). Her favorite things to do are to sit on my lap while I go to the bathroom & lick my face with her sandpaper tongue. & although she tries to escape out the front door daily, I know (hope) she loves her canned food life with Mama Connor.

In honor of the occasion we celebrated Blake with a party fit for the princess she is. It included kitty whiskered cupcakes & cat shaped sugar cookies. Many (2) bottles were popped & intoxication ensued (literally only me). & she even got some presents! 

In conclusions, cat parties are the shit & I'm lucky to have friends that go along with my shenanigans.   


Details, details, details

A lot of the time people will comment about how I "cut people's heads off" in photos. I feel like I have become known for shooting like that, which I sort of enjoy. When shooting, in my mind, it's not just all about someone's face or expression. To me, I see so much more emotion in body language & in movement. Most of my favorite photos contain no faces. It's fun to challenge myself also to evoke emotion in a photo without the things that usually show one's emotions. Even if I do have photos that include faces I will have the focus on something else or will take it at a different angle that gives the photo a more unique & interesting look. 

Sooooo, I guess there's a glimpse into my photographic & everyday mind. (I view most of life like this too). Here's some examples of this from a recent wedding. (The first photo doesn't really apply I just liked it & I do what I want, so there it is.) 


Iowa vs. Wyoming

Yesterday. Was. Amazing. 

Honestly, I can't even put into words the feeling I had stepping onto the Iowa football field & shooting photos of the sidelines & crowds. It was a surreal moment & such a great experience. One that I can't wait to relive every home game. 

I'm going to try to limit myself not to post all like 200 photos, but here is a few of my favorite. Give me some feedback guys! & if you're coming to a game this season let me know so I can snap some photos of you cheering on the Hawks ;)


What on Earth am I doing?

Well, I am not really one for typing things & letting people read it unless it was for class. So this will probably be rough, I may not even say much ever, but I need to share more photos.

Anywho, Lex & I had a shoot the other night at Terry Trueblood. It was a little after 7:30 & the light couldn't have been more perfect. 10/10 recommend. Next time I need a pedal boat driver, I'm not the best at multi tasking & lucky I didn't drop my camera in the water.

The vintage Iowa shirt is from Tailgate & the swimsuit is Lole brand from Fin & Feather. Paddle boards & other equipment is also available for rent at Terry Trueblood Recreation Area in Iowa City. If you're in the area I highly suggest you stop in at Tailgate & Fin & Feather to check out their selections. And if you social media, which is most likely a yes, give them a follow. Mostly because yours truly takes all their photos.